PRO-21-G-INV Variable Bevel


  • Angles from 20° – 45°
  • Self-Propelled
  • Direct Drive Gear Boxes – No Inefficient Belts
  • Variable Angle by single hand wheel
  • Reversible
  • Simple, Quiet Operation
  • Shear type cutting
  • Sharpenable Cutters
  • Includes Spring Loaded Trolley

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PRO21G INV Variable Angle Power Feed Beveler

Introducing the most powerful beveler in the Cevisa Lineup, the PRO21G INV. This workhorse has the ability to bevel up to 7/8” and can handle material up to 2” thick. It features the ability to change the angle of bevel simply by adjusting the single hand wheel from 20 to 45°, and can also be inverted to work the bottom of the material. Great for applications where multiple angles are needed as the adjustment of this machine is very fast. No more replacement of tooling and rollers.

This machine performs 6 feet/min. at a maximum bevel depth of .787 inches. It can handle material up to 2” thickness. A spring loaded trolley is included.

Specifications PRO-21G-INV
Maximum Bevel Depth .785″
Maximum Material Thickness 2.00″
Minimum Material Thickness .312″
Bevel Speed 5fpm
Bevel-Angle 20-45°
Motor 5hp
Weight 946 lbs
Weight 946 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 48 in