PRO-21-G Variable Bevel


  • Angles from 20° – 45°
  • Self-Propelled
  • Direct Drive Gear Boxes – No Inefficient Belts
  • Variable Angle by single hand wheel
  • Simple, Quiet Operation
  • Shear type cutting
  • Sharpenable Cutters
  • Includes Spring Loaded Trolley

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PRO21G Variable Angle Power Feed Beveler

This workhorse has the ability to bevel up to 7/8” and can handle material up to 2” thick. It features the ability to change the angle of bevel simply by adjusting the single hand wheel from 20° to 45°. Great for applications where multiple angles are needed as the adjustment of this machine is very fast. No more replacement of tooling and rollers.

This machine performs 6 feet/min. at a maximum bevel depth of .787 inches. It can handle material up to 2” thickness. A spring loaded trolley is included.


  • 220/380 V. 50 Hz
  • 250/440 V. 60 Hz
  • For other voltages, please consult us.
Specifications PRO-21G-INV
Maximum Bevel Depth .785″
Maximum Material Thickness 2.00″
Minimum Material Thickness .312″
Bevel Speed 6 fpm
Bevel-Angle 20-45°
Motor 4hp
Weight 840 lbs
Weight 840 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 48 in